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standing rockTo: UMW Conference Presidents, Social Action Coordinators, Conference Communicators

Greetings! We are asking for your support in disseminating this CALL TO ACTION ON THE WATER PROTECTORS IN STANDING ROCK, NORTH DAKOTA. United Methodist Women General Secretary Harriett Jane Olson has just returned from a visit to Standing Rock with other United Methodists, in support of action by the Dakota Sioux to protect water from a planned oil pipeline and to affirm Native American sovereignty and treaty rights.

We are particularly concerned about potential violence this weekend. The Sheriff's office and North Dakota governor have called for one camp to be vacated by this Saturday, November 5. Based on recent actions by militarized police, including on Thanksgiving weekend, there could be violent repression of the encampment. Calls to the White House, the Army Corps of Engineers and Sheriff's office are urgently needed, as well as other actions. The post on the UMW website gives background information, links regarding UMC and UMW engagement, and ways that members can take
action now. [1]

Deb Williams, United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group member and a member of the UMW Act of Repentance Working Group comments,
"Once again we have reached a crossroads in our treatment of Native American people. United States history is replete with documented mistreatment and deception in the government's dealings with native peoples. Let's not allow this issue to become another incident in that long history. The moral issues require a peaceful solution to this protest rather than letting it become yet another sad and violent moment in the legacy of our country."

United Methodist Women's response reflects our priorities on racial justice; climate justice including right to clean water; challenging criminalization of communities of color; and economic inequality, including corporate accountability.
Thank you for your faithful witness!

Carol Barton
Executive for Community Action

Conference Event

January 21, 2017: Conference Training Event at Smyrna First UMC in Smyrna, 9:30am. All district officers should make plans to attend. Lunch will be served afterward - see you there!

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Praying over care kits The Cookeville District women had prepared Care  Kits for the homeless as a Social Action project. 150 kits were brought to the district annual meeting where they were blessed with prayer and then given to the Cookeville First UMC homeless outreach. 25 other kits had already been given to a homeless outreach in McMinnville.


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